Bard Add-a-Foley Catheter Tray with 2000mL Drainage Bag, Center Entry

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The Add-A-Foley drainage bag tray features a standard drainage bag with the EZ-Lok Sampling Port and includes the Uro-Prep® Tray. This tray contains pre-filled inflation syringe with sterile water, five rayon balls, povidone-iodine solution, plastic forceps, latex-free exam gloves, 10cc lubricant in syringe, drape and underpad.

  • The latex-free Bard® EZ-LOK® Sampling Port eliminates the risk of needlestick injuries and allows for needle-free aspiration.
  • The URO-PREP™ tray contains all materials necessary for aseptic catheter insertion.

This item is priced individually.  Savings are available if purchased in larger quantities. 


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