Catheter Safety Product, Catheter Securement Sleeve, Female – p/n 13308





The Catheter Securement Sleeve is a non-invasive medical device designed to safely secure the catheter tubing and significantly improve sanitary conditions in a variety of medical facilities. 

The Female and Male Sleeves greatly reduce the infection rate while preventing patients from self induced urological traumas from pulling, tugging or removing the indwelling Urinary Catheter.  

1)     Thin and light weight package for easy handling and minimum occupancy in storage shelf. 

2)     Lower price than similar products. 

3)     Easy application, removal and disposal.


This product was developed and tested in over 200 Hospitals.                  
15000 Sleeves were tested in use last year
It does not “Rigidly” clamp the catheter tube.
Sleeve allows the catheter tube to “slip” in the clamp.
Sleeve will not kink or stop the flow inside the catheter tube.    

I was on your website looking for Foley Catheters and Bags for my son. While there I came across the Catheter Sleeve. This sleeve could be a great advantage as the standard “locking device” always causes problems for my son at night.” – RM

“After trying the Catheter Sleeve, we really like it. At night my son is more comfortable because it keeps the catheter from pulling, tugging and kinking.” – RM



This item is priced individually.  Savings are available if purchased in larger quantities.


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