Dynarex Urethral Catheterization Tray, Red Rubber, 14 Fr

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Dynarex 4925 Urethral Catheterization Trays are packed to assure components are available in proper sequence during procedures, allowing for convenient, economical catheterization procedures. Perfect for hospitals and long term care facilities, Dynarex Urethral Catheterization Trays come with everything needed to for catheterization. The Dynarex Urethral Catheterization Tray includes a graduated collection basin, underpad, 14 FR red rubber catheter, lubricating jelly, and PVP swabstick 3’s as well as a fenestrated drape Cuffed Powder-Free Vinyl Exam Gloves Lubricating Jelly and a specimen container with lid and label.

This item is priced individually.  Savings are available if purchased in larger quantities. 

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